Pioneering secure data collection, visualization and automation to reduce expenditures and bring sustainability to your infrastructure.

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Digital Twins

Digital Twins are virtualized assets which are used for static information, live telemetry, security platforms, and historical information. What once required multiple systems, can now be integrated into a single pane of glass.

Asset Management

Our work is to bring Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Building Automation (BAS/BMS), IIoT, and industry 4.0 technology together to facilitate efficient operations and decisions making.

System Integration

Contrary to popular belief, systems aren’t more secure when they’re isolated. We leverage all available data sources to facilitate the usage of “Best in Class” technologies to make smart decisions.

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Sustainable Purchasing

Focusing on local sources when available and taking consideration into the source of a product to be recommended. Not only from a materials basis but additionally from a cybersecurity standpoint. Ensuring Supply Chain security helps reduce downtime, premature failures, and ultimately early replacement. Longevity of equipment is one of the simplest forms to being more sustainable.



Usage of sensors and data to factor into the decision-making process. We all want to make smart decisions and using IoT, IIoT, and industry 4.0 methodologies to aid in the Digital Transformation. We’ve successfully integrated to AWS, Azure and Neo4j.



Let our team of specialist help you with Building Automation, SCADA, Industrial (OT/ICS) Cyber Security, Digital Twins in a cost efficient, scalable, and cybersecure manner. We’ve done this for Ciena, 3M Canada, IKO Industries, NRCan and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Cost Benefit

We’re continually performing cost benefit analysis and return on investments when proposing and implementing solutions. A critical component in the equation is the impact to the environment, and the life cycle cost.

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